T2000 Marine Acoustic Hood

£900.00 Inc.VAT

The T2000 Marine Post Mountable hood has been designed specifically for installations in hazardous or arduous areas and as such is extremely robust and environment proof. This is reflected in both its manner of construction and the materials used. Typical applications include the offshore and onshore petrochemical industries, the power and construction industries and many more. The hood is manufactured in two halves, using the latest RTM MIT process. The two halves are separate thermoset composite mouldings manufactured using a certified RTM system to BS476 Part 7 Class 2 surface spread of flame, that are bonded together. This method of construction means that this model is particularly suitable for hostile marine environments. Two Unistrut brackets are mounted to the hood to provide a ready made post mounting solution, used in conjunction with the included post fixing kit. This has been designed to fit to a 100mm square post. Telephones can be mounted in the 450mm high by 250mm wide flat area in the back of the hood. Alternatively a seperate stainless steel gear plate can be fitted inside the hood, connected through to the mounting brackets, providing easier installation additional security for heavier equipment. Also included are moulded-in handset graphics to the sides and a discrete flat area to the front which allows the fixing of screen printed graphics. This product includes the hood, fitted mounting brackets and the Post Fixing Kit. It does not include a post

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  • Dimensions – H790mm W740mm D560mm
  • Weight – Approx 8Kg
  • Colour – Yellow (RAL 1006)
  • Outer Shell – GRP
  • Boxed Dimensions – 870 x 800 x 690cm
  • Boxed Weight – Approx 15kg

Datasheet T2000