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Jonathan, Southgate Estates

I've been using the Orchid telecom systems for about 12 years. We started off with a 308 system, then bought a 416 system for our other office. They've been completely reliable and Orchid have always been really helpful when we've needed advice.
I've just upgraded to a VOIP system - which seems to be brilliant and ideal as we enter Lockdown 2. Again, Orchid were absolutely great at getting this set up for us and it couldn't have been easier. Maggie has been an absolute star!
Can't wait to start using it.

Cat, Psycolegal

Fantastic service from the outset, and most importantly the after-sales service is just as good and incredibly fast responses to any queries. Always going above and beyond expectations. Would highly recommend!

Matt, Motostop

Absolutely fantastic service from the start. Saving us a fortune too.
IP Is the way to go in my opinion.
Highly Recommended.
Thanks Maggie, Jim, Jack and the rest of the team @ Orchid.
(I trust them so much I am now recommending my customers speak to Orchid)

Grace Carter, Founder, Aphra

Thanks for all your help. I have been so impressed with the whole service from start to finish. You guys are brilliant. The text message service is particularly fantastic as I felt communicated with throughout and I’ve never seen this from any other business to the same level of support.

Mark Edwards, TLC Customer service

Thank you so much for your help.

We all at TLC have said that you are by far the best company to deal with.

Your service is just amazing! thank you so much.